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State-of-the-Art Health Care Technology Planning, Implementation and Operations for Privacy-Preserving Personalized Medicine

Dr. Ruffin offers consulting on the selection, implementation, and operation of health care technologies so that, in addition to improving operations and individual patient care, the data collected by those technologies can be used for privacy-preserving personalized medicine. The importance of personalized medicine is growing rapidly. In 2005, only 5% of new drug approvals by the FDA were classified as Personalized Medicines. In 2020, that proportion was 39%. In 2003, the number of genetic testing products on the market was about 3,000. In 2020, that number is more than 166,000. (Report from Congressional Personalized Medicine Caucus, 2022, to the US Congress).

Strategic Technology Planning

Strategic technology planning involves choosing the right functions to automate, the right products, right vendors and deciding how to use collected data from those technologies to advance privacy-preserving personalized medicine.

Health Care Technology Consulting

After the planning stage, we provide consulting services to help our clients harness data from multiple computer systems to support business operations improvement, clinical quality improvement, and privacy-preserving personalized medicine . We help our clients to work with data scientists expert in gathering data from laboratory and imaging studies, pharmaceuticals, genetic testing, and electronic medical records and in building deep learning models to support privacy-preserving personalized medicine.

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Why Choose Dr. Ruffin

Dr. Ruffin has over 40 years of successful experience in practicing medicine, overseeing multimillion-dollar budgets for technology selection, implementation, and operation, and organizing experts in machine learning technology to design and implement privacy-preserving personalized medicine.